Archicana developments give you the chance to be an owner in a construction project. You don’t need to be a construction expert; we take care of this part.

Together, we purchase land; we build, sell, and share the profit of our homes project. Together, we move to the next project.

  • What we build / where we build?

    Archicana developments design, build, and sell modular/Prefabricated town homes in growing communities. We do not compete in tight markets where big players are there. We focus on those communities where we build and live together with other Canadians.

    Our initial group of investors includes, among others, the architect, the accountant, the financial advisor, and the developer. Having those professionals on our team ensures their interest in the project is beyond their consulting fees. Together, we succeed!

    Archicana developments’ first project will be in the city of Thunder Bay.

  • Why Thunder Bay?

    According to CMHC housing market outlook for the City of Thunder Bay, the following are the market characteristics in 2013 and the forecast for 2014.

    • Thunder Bay Market is a Seller market because of the tight supply of both existing homes and new house starts. This will cause an increase in the average home price in 2013 and 2014
    • Growing employment in Thunder Bay will generate rise to above average home building 2013/2014.
    • Aging population: a large mortgage-free population and rising resale prices have created good conditions for selling an existing resale home and moving to a condominium lifestyle.
    • Tight market conditions: a slight increase in building without a pre-sale in Thunder Bay market suggests new home builders are gaining confidence that their units can sell during the construction phase or certainly within a reasonable time after completion. Although, a slight increase in unabsorbed units for 2013 was noted. The levels are still well below a level that would cause any concern. This is unlikely to change during the forecast horizon.
    • The fear of rising mortgage rates has pushed some purchasers to action
    • The time to sell a house is another sign of market strength with the lower the average number of days, with listings only taking 30 days to sell on average, Thunder Bay’s market favours sellers.

  • Why Modular Homes?

    The choice of modular / prefabricated homes as a construction method provides many benefits for both investors and home owners and helps in quicker unit sales. The following is a summary of some of the benefits.

  • Controlled Building Environment

    Climate controlled factory production ensures that framing materials, sheathing, floor and roof decking are all installed dry and remain dry. This ensures that moisture is not built into the structure during construction and reduces the potential for mould formation and moisture related performance and durability degradation.

  • Cost Savings

    Building in a factory setting reduces the threat of job site theft, vandalism and damage. These are problems that have plagued home builders in recent years and can add as much as 10% to the cost of a new site built home. Materials are ordered made to fit and in large quantities, reducing the overall cost of raw materials. Those savings enables Archicana to set competitive prices to its customers.

  • Professional and Permanent Craftsmen

    Factory craftsmen are permanently employed and this significantly decreases delays in construction caused by an inexperienced and unreliable workforce.

  • Sturdy Structures

    To ensure a secure trip to project site, modular homes are built with 20% to 30% more framing lumber. Adhesives, as well as screws and strapping, are used in fastening components together. This creates a sturdier structure, reducing or even eliminating nail pops commonly experienced in other homes.

  • Green

    By building indoors, every piece of material is used to the maximum resulting in less spoilage and therefore less material being thrown away. There is an efficient collection of waste material for recycling as well. House building in a factory is both energy-efficient and environmentally sound.

  • Sustainable

    The environmental cost of building and then destroying functionally obsolete buildings is enormous. Modular buildings are easily re-locatable, reconfigured and repurposed.

  • Granted Quality

    Quality is assured through factory built technologies and rigorous quality control checks; there are no delays or imperfections due to inclement weather and labor or material shortages.

  • Finally

    If you like the idea, If you want to be part of a low risk investment group, or if you just need more information, please contact us…